Spawning Levels in AR


Currently tinkering with ARKit in 4.18 (and did some in 4.17 some big improvements). While it certainly is easy to spawn in objects at the location of a hit test, has anyone found a good approach for levels? I’ve tried loading level instances at the location of an AR hit test, but am having no luck. They appear to be locked to the camera. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated!

For anyone else having the same issues. I am having a lot of luck with creating level instances and setting the transforms on them. While certainly not ideal it seems to be working well. I am still curious how arkit or arcore operate to set the world scale.

You can either use EventDispacher approach Epic used in 4.17 sample project, where level geometry was unhided after setting up alignment plane, or you can create your level as a blueprint actor and then spawn it as a normal object.

As for the world scale, such a feature should be coming soon (seen Epic staff mentioning this in 4.18 release thread), for the time being you can use empty blueprint actor placed in the level and all of the geometry attached to that actor, then you can mess with scale of the said empty actor to scale the whole level. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip! A world scale setting for AR would be super handy. Hopefully we will see something like that soon.

Sorry for resuming an old thread but i couldn’t find any info . What would be the correct way to spawn a level in AR, as of Unreal 4.19?

@leadermax I am not sure if there is a definitive correct way to spawn levels in AR, however back in 4.18 I had good luck using level instances. Just stored the anchor point and Loaded in the level instance at that anchor point. I eventually gave up on AR using unreal because I never found a solution for adjusting the scale. I have not looked into it in 4.19 or 4.20, so maybe a scale solution exists now.