Spawning enemies who fly to different locations

Hi, I am creating a typical, classical top-down airplane shooter game, and am wondering how should I go about creating the enemy planes flying in from the screen top to a random location off the screen bottom. The game only moves on YZ plane.

I started creating a Matinee actor but I’m not sure if it works for group of random enemies flying to random locations.

Does anyone has insight on this? Would appreciate very much, thanks!

Creating the enemies would just be a spawn call based on time or, proximity or anything. The destination I guess could be a editable variable in the blueprint, then it would show up in the blueprint when spawning the actor.
Quite cool that public variables are represented there actually.

Hello. If you create a “start bp” and a “end bp” with an index variable, you set 10 “starts” upon top screen and 10 “ends” under down screen and set your variables from 0 to 9.
On spawn, you use “start” random integer to set your enemy and “end” random integer to know end location.
To spawn groups, if you want your formation to never change, use an invisible and undestructible pawn for your “start” “end” move and set your enemies positions around it.