Spawning cameras with custom moveset controlled by player

So, in the last months i have been working on this project which basically allow the player to roam around the archaeological site where i’m actually working (Karkemish, Turkey), inspecting monuments and manufacts.
For this reason i’m trying to create this static inspection mode for decorated monoliths: there’s a LINE TRACE fired by the player that hitting an actor with a particular TAG, spawns a widget and a new camera inbetween the position of the hitted actor and the player, and untill this point everything is fine (reference of the BP and the in game view in the images).

Now, i wanted to give the player the possibility to slightly adjust the position of the camera just along the X and Y axes (up - down and left - right) and maybe to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel, but i’m not able to find online something like this.
I’m still a noob so i’m not sure if i’m getting it right, or if i should follow another path (maybe using pawn for the inspection camera?)

Some help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!