Spawning actor on the basis of painted layer on landscape using blueprint Not PCG ...

So I’m trying to spawn actor on the basis of painted layer on landscape.

I Have a texture(Bitmap) that i stored in a variable in blueprint and i also created material layer to paint on Landscape.

  1. How i can access the texture(variable in blueprint that i can change) in a material and assign it to the material to make its layer.
  2. How i can read the pixel values from that material and its world coordinates in blueprint when it is painted on landscape.
  3. How i Can use that values to spawn actors.
  4. What would happen if i change the bitmap texture.
  5. Is it possible to do it using blueprint and not PCG.

I saw a video of Aziel Arts Paint PCG Using texture and Landcape TIMESTAMP(20:01 - 28:37).
In the video he did the same thing i wanted but he is doing it in PCG … so is there any way i can achieve it in Blueprint.

And one more thing he is not using Texture(bitmap texture) on painted landscape but in my case i wanted to use a texture on painted landscape and spawn actors on the basis of color channels of that texture