Spawning 2 actors of the same class causes only the first one to work

Hello. i’ve made an enemy AI that attacks the player and can be deflected if the timing is right, this is working great. If i spawn a second actor by either copying the actor in the level or using a child blueprint causes the second spawned actor to completely ignore the deflect actions. If i delete the first one and keep only the second one he then starts to work. In other words only one actor at a time can perform the actions desired. I tried triggering the code i want via custom events besides Interface messages but its still the same. From the troubleshooting i was able to identify an issue which i don’t know if its the reason but it could be. The actor has a collision capsule that overlaps with the player, that overlap never trigger for the second spawned actor, the settings are of course are the same for both spawned actors. Any ideas?

I solved the issue, there was nothing wrong with the code or the engine. The actors shared animation montages that turned on and off collision responses with notifies. So when one of the actors played a montage it changed the collision response for all of them since i was doing get all actors of class.