Spawned Projectile Not Colliding With World (Derp Moment)

Got a little guy with a “gun”, when I left click it spawns a “bullet” actor with a projectile component, simple enough. The bullet is generating overlap events if it hits another actor, but for some reason it is ignoring the world (BSP Geometry). I’ve done this in the past and had no issue, I don’t know why it’s suddenly not working.

Collision is disabled for “Sphere1” and “StaticMesh1”. “Collision” is a sphere slightly larger than the static mesh.

As you can see from the collision, it should get blocked by the world and generate overlap events from actors. However, it does neither… it just passes through the world and doesn’t trigger events on actors.

I must be missing something simple here but I’m drawing a blank. Any ideas?

Edit: I found this which says I need to use static meshes in order to get the thing hit, but I don’t really care what brush gets hit… I just want it to see that it hit a brush. I’m like 90% certain this has worked for me in the past…

Edit2: It seems if I set the collision on the root component instead, it works.I don’t remember having to do that, but … I can work with it. I’ll leave the post up in case others have the same issue, but feel free to just let this post sink.