SpawnActor on keypress crashes after the first actor spawned

So I have a function ‘LaunchGrenade’ which works as it should, except for the crash when spawning a second actor

void ABaseCharacter::LaunchGrenade()
	FActorSpawnParameters parameters;

	parameters.Owner = this;
	parameters.Name = "Grenade";
	FTransform transform = GetTransform();
	AGrenade *grenade = (AGrenade*)GetWorld()->SpawnActor( AGrenade::StaticClass(),&transform, parameters);

	if (grenade)

The issue is, when I call this function again before the previous grenade has been destroyed it crashes on the line below when calling World->SpawnActor().


I don’t understand this, because the behavior that it’s giving me is that when I call ‘SpawnActor’ is the actor it’s trying to initialize is the same actor that was created before.

What should I do here? There’s something with Spawn Actor that I don’t understand. Perhaps it’s the ‘AGrenade::StaticClass()’?

What about using

AGrenade *grenade = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AGrenade>(AGrenade::StaticClass(), &transform, parameters);