SpawnActor is not always spawning actor

I have a function which creates and sets up certain actors. Inside there is the SpawnActor node with its “Collision Handling Override” property set to “Always Spawn, Ignore Collisions”. And it works most of the time but sometimes that node fails to return an actor reference so all the game logic expecting it start throwing accessed nones.

This function resides in the game state class in order to be available from everywhere. This means that I have no idea who calls the function when it fails. Although that might not be relevant because using log prints I confirmed that the incoming class reference and transformation are all proper and meaningful. They should work, as they do most of the time. I called the function from a few classes for testing but I couldn’t make the issue show up at will.

What could prevent a collision ignoring SpawnActor from creating an instance of a valid actor class?

It happens when SpawnActor is called from the construction graph. There is actually a warning explaining what’s going on I just never scrolled that far back in the log…