Spawn sound when all keys have been pressed from 4 different Blueprints.

Hey guys, is it possible to spawn a 2D sound in the Level Blueprint when 4 different keys have been pressed in 4 seperate Blueprints? I have 4 Blueprints that press different keys to end the relevant sequence and once the last one (these Blueprints can be found in any order) is presssed I want a 2D sound to be spawned.

Any help is appreciated,
Thank you

Need a bit more clarification.

So you have 4 sequential events. Each event requires 4 key presses to end said event. Once all 4 events have been ended you want to play a sound.

Please verify.

Sort of. Each event requires 1 key press, with each events having a different key to end it. The events can be ended in any order, but once the last one (whichever it may be) is ended, the sound needs to play.

Oh hell then just create a int var and increment it by 1 when said key is pressed. When it equals 4 play sound.

Thank you, will have a go in the morning

If anyone comes across this in the future, heres how I achieved it: