Spawn running Bot on a randomly generated map

Hi - I’ve created an endless runner game. The map is randomly generated from several blueprint classes.
I would like to spawn a Bot that runs on the randomly generated map at a pre-defined speed.
(The idea would be that the player has to keep up with the Bot and run at the same speed).

  1. Can a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume be applied to a blueprint class platform section ? (I tried dragging one into the blueprint class but it doesn’t show any object or wireframe).
  2. Is it better to try and do this in a regular pre-built map on which a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume can be applied ?
  3. I’ve seen sample blueprints where the Bot must try to collide/catch the player using the ‘AI Move To’ node, what is the correct way to set up the AI blueprint so that the Bot will run the course regardless of the players position ?