Spawn player looking at a point he was looking when he saved?

Hello, lets see if I can explain myself properly.

This is turning to be quite more problematic than I thought it would be.

In my game, the player (or the game) can save his location and then reload it if he falls/fails. I created the following blueprint logic.

Yet, for some reason, when I trigger loadautosave input, the player gets teleported properly, yet he won’t have the proper rotation. So, in pictures, this is what happens.

I spawn and the game saves this location and rotation values with the Event Begin Play event.

Then, I look somewhere else, and prepare myself to fall to the water.

And finally, after falling and re-spawning, I keep the rotation I had.

Please help me out, I tried some other stuff without any success. I need to be able to spawn looking at the direction the player was when he spawned/saved his checkpoint, as this makes gameplay much more simple.