Spawn Emitter at Location "Exterior"

I have some blueprint code that spawns a blood spurt particle at the location of the sword hit, and it works. The problem is, apparently where it “hits”, it the middle of the enemy actor.
The code I have is as follows (slimmed down, this is all that matters):

I know it’s spawning the particle. I’ve printed the output and tested by removing the location pin and setting the vector to (0, 0, 25), and I can see it spawn. But when I attach the Location (and Impact Point, I tried both) pins, I don’t see it. I think it’s spawning it INSIDE the enemy actor, as if the hit point is in it’s center or something.

Is that what’s happening? I was thinking to scoot the vector back by a teeny bit so it would spawn outside the actor, but that isn’t as accurate…
All I’m trying to do here is have some blood where the sword hits. Can anyone help me with this, or tell me what I’m doing wrong? These 3 nodes are the only ones not doing everything correctly.

You should be able to use the impact normal to set the rotation of your emitter.