Spawn different actors in a unique target point with four digit codes

I am asking for your help because I cannot slove my problem.
I try to create a sort of “magic box” with keycode panel. When the player enter a good code (a four digit code) in the keycode, an actor spawn in the box. It is possible for the player to enter different codes to get different actors.
For example, if the player enters 1234, he gets a gun ; if he enters 1357 he gets a potion etc…

I search, try different ways but I did not succeed by myself. I hope the unreal community could help ! Many thanks !

So, you get the input from the player pressing the buttons, I’m assuming it’s a string, like “1234”.

In the box BP, you can have something like this:

Thanks you very much ClockworkOcean !

Looks like a perfect scenario for a Map, you wouldn’t need to hardcode anything. You can use a string instead of an int, of course: