Spawn Actor from Class and Grab (Inventory System)

I am trying to use a UI widget to select and object and spawn it in front of the character to hold onto. Then click to drop it. Essentially selecting objects from an inventory and placing in the scene. I am using the spawn actor node and can spawn my actor and then grab component at location with rotation. That all works fine. But I need to be able to drive the spawnable actor from a variable driven from my widget. So I can choose which actor I want to spawn in the widget. When I select the a specific object from the list, I can grab the static mesh and plug it into the Grab Component node. But if I change the class to a variable, I can no longer spawn the actor and then Grab component. Hopefully you can see it in the 2 screenshots. Is this the best method, or is there another way because I cannot get this to work.

The blueprint seems to be correct, how are you setting the Furniture Selection variable? Make sure it’s not empty.

I was able to get it working this way. I just had to use a Set Static Mesh and drive that with a variable. It’s a little weird, but it works.