Spawn Actor Default Transform

Seriously, why is there no default ‘unit’ transform (ie loc and rot all 0, scale all 1) on the ‘spawn actor from class’ node. That would be like 5 seconds to add in the codebase right. no-one thought of this?

The only reason i could think of is that not initialising that value and piping it trough directly is faster

Right-Click -> Split the PINS and it should work, no?

Oh, didn’t realise you could do this with input pins too. Thanks !

Still, That shows default values are in fact initialised, strange it doesn’t use them if no transform connected.

Collapsed its ok to trigger an error. But think how easy it would have been to offer a Tooltip hint / Clue included in the Error… :stuck_out_tongue:
Epic are genius at game engines. But two things they don’t do so well at: Security (Fortnite / Forums), and Documentation…:o

And now bug tracking too…