Spawn Actor at Wall and Savegame

Hello Together,

i’m new to the unreal engine development and very astonished how well the blueprints are working. Tried a lot of tests and have two Questions:

  1. I want to spawn a Actor (It’s a text which is editable over UMG) to a Wall. For this i tried collision boxes but i wont work… is there a routine for a case like this?
  2. After spawing all the Actor during runtime i want to save the edited things from the player. Do i have to create an array and store all spawned actors in it and
    create it while loading or is it possbile to store all the game state in a easy way?

Thank you very much.

About spawning : Spawning and Destroying an Actor | Unreal Engine Documentation

But if this is a text only you may just want to set it in your level and use hidden in game in level blueprint to make it visible or not.

About saving :