Spatial Audio is broken when ear points directly towards sound

Hey everyone. Got a problem with the Spatial Audio settings for the Vive. It works perfectly normal for the Rift but for some reason in the Vive, when the player’s ear is pointed directly towards the sound location (their eyes are perpendicular or 90 degrees away from the sound source) the volume of the sound drops to zero. But then move the head slightly to the left or right and the sound comes back up to full volume again.

Tried messing with all the SoundAttentuation settings including the 3D Stereo Spread and disabled attentuation to only favor Spatialize but it seems to have no effect on this problem.

We’re doing a spaceship takeoff sequence and the engines are supposed to be rightly loud, but it’s pretty hard to sell the effect when the user turns 90 degrees away from the ship and the audio completely disappears. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Seems to be a Vive specific thing.


I noticed this issue even when just playing in editor without the hmd. Spatial audio is broken. When aiming my first person controller directly at spatialized audio positions, the audio drops off to almost nothing.
I’m using the latest 4.12.5 version.