SpaceBar fires last played UMG animation

So I’ve set up a few of UMG animations that are only fired through UI button clicks, but I’ve found out that pressing Spacebar fires whichever UMG anim that was fired last and does nothing if no animation was fired since BeginPlay. I’m not using SpaceBar anywhere in my project and I don’t have it set up for any function in Project settings either.
Thanks !

Hi again, I’ve fixed this by unchecking isFocusable in Buttons but another problem surfaced because of this. it seems like the very first mouse click isn’t registered, instead it’s read as “Unhovered” by UMG.

I’ve solved both problems and since I can’t delete this topic here’s a solution that works but may not be optimal.
I don’t really know what this node does but it works !

It gives widgets an opportunity to process user input. Once they do (or don’t) the input may be passed on to actors, level blueprint, pawns, player controller…

There are also Game Only and UI Only modes.

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