Sounds showing No Source, though play in Details

Though a noob, I’m confident this isn’t an issue with settings, unable to get an AmbientSound to play in Play mode. I have four in total, the first two behave as expected, the last two report No Source in Stats. If I duplicate either of the two that function and move them to a new spot to test them, they function as expected, but if I then change their reference to any of the these other wav files they return No Source, though again, these play fine under Details, in the Content Browser, and I see UE4 properly created .uasset files in the Finder. I much appreciate any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this ******, last item before I wrap this project. Big thanks in advance!

Can you play these assets through other means? BP? Coupla ideas – maybe they’re not auto-playing (i.e. auto-play is turned off in the ambient audio volume itself), maybe they’re one-shots and are getting culled based on distance (i.e. their attenuation range is out of range) so when you walk into range it’s not playing because it culled it.