[SoundCue] Crossfade by Distance issue, when entering the minimum fade in distance


yesterday i came up to that problem with the “Crossfade by Distance” Node for SoundCues. Iam using it to vary the ShotSounds depending on the distance to its origin.
It is working if the player does not move.
It is working while the player is walking in the limits of one SoundFile and out of limits of another one.
It is even working while the player is in the fading limits of two soundfiles!

But if the player starts outside the fading area of SoundFile2 he will not hear it… correctly. But if he is entering it is casting immediate, what looks like correct but its not.
Because it starts to play the soundfile from its beginning, not at that point, where it should be, if it was played with the actual shot.
That is getting even worse if iam shooting 10 Rounds in a row out of fade distance. After entering the fade distance, all 10 Soundfiles should be played with the same offset as the guns cadence, but they are getting played all at once in one loud bang.

Ive tried it with “Virtualize when silent” Option on the Soundfiles itselfs. But it made no difference. What tells me, that the Crossfader seems to start the soundfiles itself.

I hope there is a solution :smiley:

Isnt there someone who can help me with it?

Yes sound files that can not be heard by anyone will simply not be played. If that problem is even audible then your real problem is usually the attenuation - if you want it halfway realistic then try a logarithmic or even inverse attenuation - then the sound will play at such a low volume when you get into the area that at first you won’t even hear it at all (But the sound is already playing).

Experiment with different attenuation settings.

Hi, DasMaeh.
I think you need to write a functions of the output and input in the area of hearing the sound in a way that would be recorded the current system time when you exit and the entrance was compared with the current at the time of entry and that difference was divided by the length of playing time of your music sound - it will be the right starting point of playing music