Sound replicates on wrong sound component.

Hello, I am experiencing a weird problem with sound replication. I have a custom Character class “BP_Victim”, which has a sound component. My goal is to make the walking sounds that this character plays, also play on other machines. I basically call a function on the server when needed, then this function multicasts the play sound on the specific sound component. I get the sound component based on the player ID, which I assign when the player connects.

This is the GetPlayerFromId:

The result is quite unexpected. I can hear the sound play, but when I start walking away from the second player, the attenuation settings kick in and my sounds start to fade away as I go further away from the other player. I also set the attenuation settings through the server based on player ID. it works fine when I’m playing from the client side, but when I’m playing from the server side I get into this problem.

Any help on solving this issue is much appreciated, plus if I’m doing something wrong or unoptimized I’d gladly hear some “best practices” tips.

Thank you.

After a while I solved this issue completely another way. The problem was that I wasn’t using any animations, but now that I have character animations, the sounds are emitted by the character just like in the footsteps tutorial and now everything replicates properly.