Sound played during a delay in a blueprint distorts

I have a sound I’m trying to play when a character reaches death, however there is also a delay going on simultaneously for another effect. When this delay is going on, it causes the sound to distort very badly. When I remove the delay it doesn’t distort. I can’t find anything online that may give insight into why this may be. Has any one else come across something like this?

@SE_JonF It sounds a bit like maybe you’re triggering the sound more than once, is that possible?..

Hey ClockworkOcean! I’m not sure, but it would appear you may not be that far off the mark. I played around with the concurrency settings in the sound asset and managed to tweak it to where it doesn’t present this issue. The sound is only supposed to play upon the death of an actor. I don’t know if it’s somehow doing so for all of them as opposed to one, but that shouldn’t be the case. Ultimately this managed to get around it for now though by only allowing 1 instance of it to go at a time.

Re: the delay I’ve had issues with the node weirdly affecting a sequence of nodes that it’s in sometimes. Usually it happens when timelines are involved, though this is the first time I’ve experienced it with sound IIRC.

@SE_JonF Many times I’ve seen peculiar behavior and traced it back to execution streams firing more than once ( or many times ) when I had assumed it was only happening once…

Try putting a print just before the sound, see how many you get :slight_smile:

I’ll give that a shot, thanks for the tip. =)