Sound Cues played from animation are not affected by Ambient Settings


I’ve noticed that Sound Cues played directly from an animation (called in the notifies timeline) are NOT being affected by the ambient settings of an Audio Volume.
I’ve tried placing this Sound Cue directly in the level, in the form of an ambient sound and in this case it will be affected by the ambient settings.

Is this by design or a known bug?

Thank you.

Hi Renato777,

You’ll need to do two things to make this work. First, you have to create a sound class with “Apply Ambient Volumes” enabled and assign it to the Sound Cue (sounds like you’re already doing this since your Level Sound is working with the Sound Volumes). Second, you’ll need to enable “Follow” in the Notify Details Panel. You don’t need to assign a bone to attach to unless you want to.

Thank you! I hadn’t enabled “Follow” in the Notify Details Panel before, that’s why it wasn’t working.

Thanks again :slight_smile: