Sound Cue randomly played twice with altered pitch on iOS

I have a problem that Sound Cue Played with PlaySoundUI is being randomly triggered twice, second time with altered pitch (up or down).
Stat soundcues console command shows that only one is playing but it is played twice… and if the Cue is using stereo soundwave it is played first in left channel and then repeated in right channel with altered pitch…

Playing ok in editor…

Any1 came across this kind of thing ?

I have just noticed something like this when deploying to my iPAD. I have sounds going on that will randomly have a pitch change which is very annoying. I’m not sure what I can do as a workaround…

I’m in 4.10.4 now. Did you ever figure out how to get around it?

I made sure all of my compression settings are at 100… I’m not sure what else I can try but the pitch will change randomly.

I ran into this exact issue on 4.11.1. My fix was to change the sample rate of my stereo WAV sound files to 44.1khz, instead of 48khz. (I used Audacity for Windows, although I can imagine most professional sound editing software can do this without degrading quality or changing the pitch). After I reimported the sound wave assets, the stereo sounds played correctly on iOS devices.

We are also experiencing this issue (4.12.4). Does anyone know anything about the underlying cause?