Sound Attenuation objects--what's the point?

Okay, I THOUGHT that the sound attenuation objects had settings, but none of my sound attenuation objects seem to have any settings for me to configure anymore. The only way to change any sound attenuation settings is to override attenuation from the sound cue, or wherever I decide to override it from.

If the sound attenuation objects don’t allow you access to any sound attenuation parameters, what’s the point?

That’s odd. I don’t seem to have that problem with mine.


Thank you for posting your screenshot! It made me notice that mine wasn’t showing the “Details” panel anymore for some reason!

no details.png

Go to window, there you should be able to bring back the details.

Yeah, as soon as I noticed why, I was able to turn it on again, but that should at least help someone else out that may have the same problem. :slight_smile: