Sonic Laser Ability/Ricocheting laser

i’m trying to make the sonic colours laser ability but i cant get it perfect, what happens is there is supposed to be a beam bouncing off the walls but once its activated, a laser beam shoots right through at a quick speed from sonic’s position to the end of the Ricocheting trace.
i have a few problems with this

  1. i want the line trace to go over a global distance, so once it reaches the end, it wont go further or make any more line traces, instead, it currently does each line trace the same distance
  2. i want it set so once the laser animation is finished, the player (sonic) is teleported to the end but it has to make a sound each ricochet/bounce
  3. the line trace has to switch direction when hitting a prism, instead of ricocheting off it
  4. i want the line trace to go in the direction the player is looking (done)