Something wrong, Crazytalk 8 mp4 movie not playing correctly in Unreal Engine 4

The videos are not displaying correctly in the Unreal Engine Media Player with the Crazytalk 8 video output formats I’ve tried…
(Bottom right corner) Windows Media Player window playing the Mp4 version (It plays just fine in Windows Media Player)
But it will not show up the graphics properly in Unreal Engine and they just show up as diagonal lines instead…


WMV - No more lines, get an image, but with missing color tones and black holes.

And last but not least, AVI format.

So the crazytalk animation videos i made are not displaying the graphics correctly in unreal Engine. I don’t know if its to
do with Crazytalk ór its something to with Unreal Engine.

Do any of you guys know what’s going on here?