''Something went wrong. We were unable to verify your access ...'' Help, pls

I need help whit this, i have to present a project for tomorrow and i cant finished for this error, if someone find a solution pls help me. :C

You’re likely out of luck, my friend. If you check the NEXT TWO threads in this section, (here:…mport-cad-file and here:…itlement-check) you’ll see a lot of us have already reported this issue.

yeahhh… I’m same here. I need to finish a project for tomorrow… :((((((((((((

Fortune is against you at the moment. Good luck by the way. XD.

We are looking into this issue.

Thank you

This happened to me yesterday on all three of my computers. I noticed before my entitlements were cut that the Epic Games Launcher updated and restarted on all the computers.
After that update, no more DataSmith even with Active status.

i find it could be somting of windows 10, try to restore your systems.

yes, this is exactly what happened to me. After epic launcher update…

Please follow the status of this recent issue here:
Thank you.

There is an Datasmith Update from Ureal. Update and you will be able to imort.