Something I've never seen before.

I was around when the UDK was released and even back then people had a hard time finding information and most places you go online there is normally some kind of mass complaint or disorganization, but I got to hand it to Epic, the level,of support they have and continue to provide is nothing short of astounding.

When you see CEO and employees of a company on the forums helping people you know that is a good company.

So, thanks epic and the community.


Support, resources and community is definitely where Epic has all of the other engine’s beat.

You’re welcome!

The approach we’re taking now is exactly how Epic started back in 1991. There was definitely a time when we grew pretty distant, and was reflective of a world where a triple-A developer could show up every few years and ship a blockbuster console game.

This is a totally different time, and it’s great to be back!

Epic guys are always in IRC helping people out as well…

We are waiting for you in IRC too Tim!!


Holy **** this is why i love you guys.

I tried to switch to Cryengine before UE4 was released, and the only reply i got on the Cry Forums(By a CryDev/Employee) was a snarky comment about how “mediocre” my work was by a dev when asking for feedback to improve.

There support sounds great… Its all about customer service and I have to say Epic is giving us that great support we have always wanted. I can not wait what epic comes up with next in the unreal engine!

I am pretty sure Tim Sweeney is already working on Unreal Engine 5. He started his work on UE4 way back in 2003. :smiley:

Who knows…Maybe he already finished Unreal Engine 5 UI with Slate v2. :wink: