Something is not right - meshes in blueprint change it's locations at will (not mine)

So i make 6 meshes inside a blueprint, I place them in scene and when I select movable, all meshes but the main one change their location to a specific one, nearby the original placement. If I hit play, then stop play, then I hit Static and Moveable again they change even more towards the same direction they have moved first, which is down and forward to where they face. I tried to duplicate the blueprint and deleted all nodes then compiled and then selected movable again and same 5 meshes from that other blueprint went to the place where the first ones went when I clicked movable. I dont want them to change their location but I need them to be movable so i can rotate them from the blueprint.

The ball that is lighting is separate mesh and doesnt do anything with the other 6 balls

Sometimes all the other 5 meshes completely disappear from my sight as I play with clicking movable and static

I made new BP and a billboard is the main row now its working fine