SOMEONE please tell me why that begin overlap is doing this?

My character is getting destroyed before the mesh even touches the character, And no, The collisions are normal and the mesh is just a streched cube, It is definitely NOT touching or overlapping the player…(Here are some pics)

Keep in mind the player is supposed to get destroyed when it goes in the lava…

It should work. I would just check the size of the collision box around the cube to make sure that it isn’t larger then your lava cube.

A few things come to my mind:

  • How big is the collision box of the Lava?
  • When exactly does the Player get destroyed? Keep in mind he has a capsule around him!
  • How “low” on the Z Axis are you working? A level has a “Kill-Z” area, in which Actors get destroyed automatically
    to prevent them from falling for ever.

Guys all my issues are fixed, It turns out the level sequencer is bugged or something because when i delete the lava_rise sequence. Everything works. I used a different method to rise the lava instead.