Someone PLEASE model some soldiers/swat police

I could really use some soldier/swat type guys. I mean proper “next gen” style ones. Ideally along with a set of arms to match.

I’m really quite surprised nobody is doing more in terms of characters for UE4, given how many polycount threads I see of people doing them. I mean TONS of marines and swat guys posted on there and now that I need those kinds of things NOTHING! :slight_smile:

Help a fella out please. Soldiers. Swat type police guys. I’d be happy for semi-futuristic too.


The problem is characters take quite a bit of time to make and the UE marketplace seems to only want bundle packs. So that means even more characters. Plus you would have to rig them and make sure they deform correctly. And then probably only a select few will buy that pack. On top of that the price for the pack probably couldn’t be near the price of what they are really worth and the time it took to make them, especially if they are really high quality.

Any character artist with that skill is probably going to be spending his time contracting his work out so he actually gets paid what the work is worth.

I’d love for a great character artist to prove me wrong. :slight_smile:

If this is for personal or educational purposes , you can have these soldiers for free in cinema 4d format from here :


Only use them as prototypes , as these are taken from “medal of honor airborne”. If you don’t have C4D , I can download these and import to UE4 and send it to you.

Hey man, keep an eye on this pack as you will be able to create any type of character when I’m done with it! There will be lots of accessories aswell! So you can get exactly what you are looking for.


Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got prototype ones already. I wanted some that were worth actually spending the time rigging and animating properly is all. Everything I have is prototype and sometimes it gets me down about the game. But I’d never use other games assets, even for prototyping, because that is potentially worlds of legal hate and I saw first hand how harsh that can be (I worked on a copyright litigation case).

Not seeing arms in there. Or feet for that matter. I don’t mind making the head, but how are you supposed to make the full human? Do you get source files for the substance etc. Its not a lot of use just having static meshes in UE4 for characters that need animating etc. How does your pack translate into finished characters that are ready to rig and animate?

sorry if i wasnt clear, as i mentioned when it is complete you will be able to create full characters not just clothing as that would be pretty useless! the goal is to have the entire body in there with accessories like helmets hats…etc…stay tuned i have some updates coming soon!

as someone esle mentioned these types of systems take a while to make, especially if your just 1 person! who have a full time job:D

Tobbo’s right. AAA art assets are really expensive. It’s very time-consuming and can be a lot of hard work. It’s hard for great artists to justify bundling their “babies” into packs and sell it off for low price that indies could afford.

Phil check your PM :wink: We can even work out content acquisition and retention agreement so that the models becomes exclusively yours in case you do want to take your project to the publishing level one day.

I’ll have one of our artist work on it for you if you like. We can help each other out =) Here’s some example
Futuristic design is no problem. In fact we have quite a few really awesome unique futuristic designs for hero type characters for one of our project. Unfortunately I can’t really show it here at this point.

Check your PM in response :slight_smile:

I responded to your PM through your e-mail because of the message exceed limit. Cheers!

I thought I’d throw some support towards some SWAT style characters. Generic enough that they can be reused and modular enough that I can add and remove accessories. It would be super useful for what I’m working on.

ur best choice is it outsource it if you want them to be unique.