Someone know a good tutorial about tesselation on big maps/landscapes?

I can do it on small objects, but it doesn’t work on big maps. I tried landscapecoords, but I failed. Landscape is still flat.
We made a lot of materials for our game, some really good (like metal and wood), but some wasn’t (like our terrain materials). Now Quixel is free for Unreal users, so I’m trying to use some of Quixel materials, It’s perfect, saves a lot of time, and our project looks really nice now (our good materials + Quixel good material placed where we haven’t good ones).
I’m really happy. :slight_smile:

However I can’t achieve a good result on landscapes. I know it’s possible because there’s a lot of pictures and videos of beautiful landscapes on Unreal, and they have tesselation, but I coudn’t find a really good tutorial about it.

Setting up the tessellation for a huge landscape is the same as doing it for a tiny landscape, because basically, you turn if off when the ground is more than a handful of meters from the camera.

A, because it can’t be seen then and B, because it’s too expensive to run. A good tuut is:

Thank you very much! I will watch the tutorial today. If it works for me, I will post here.