Someone coming from UDK character and controller

How does this work now ?
Should I be doing movement logic in the Character blueprint ?

or am i still meant to create PlayerWalking state and handle stuff there ?

like i found “Input Action” which i hooked up to my MoveRight action, then dragged out from Press and… had nothign to suggest move my Pawn (although I dont think I have “Possessed” a pawn yet)

As much as im enjoying bp’s they seem an asbolute maze

One difference between UDK and UE4 is that we try and keep all the movement input in the Pawn, rather than routing it through the PlayerController. This keeps the PlayerController much simpler, and lets you break up input code into each Pawn class you may possess. If you want see how to hook up input for a Character, you could look at our Templates, or I found this handy tutorial:

If you are making your own (non-Character-based) Pawn, then you will need to implement your own movement logic.

cool, thats kind of how it seems.
i shall miss my many controller movement states lol