Some remarks for "Input manager" and working with saved files via BP

Good day’s time!

What about “Input manager”: it would be nice, if in the next release we’ll get an ability to disable automatic sorting Action/Axis bindings alphabetically. Let me explain.
For example, I have a “Jump” action key, and it contains 3 binded values:

  1. “Z”
  2. “A”
  3. “Gamepad Face Button Right”

So, when I press “Play”, the engine automatically sorts my binding alphabetically, so now I have this:

  1. “A”
  2. “Gamepad Face Button Right”
  3. “Z”

But, I don’t want this sorting at all! I need my binding to be right exactly it was mapped by myself. So, please, add a checkbox, radio - whatever - in “Project settings” to enable/disable auto-sorting by engine. You know, It’s nothing more, but an array, and I want to sort this array when I want/need to sort it, but not when engine wants to.

What about working with files via BP: it would be nice to add some BP functions to work with saved files by default.

  1. Function “Save Game to Slot” saves game with predefined extension (*.SAV) - please, add an ability to save games with other extensions. What’s the point? Well, for example, in my project, I have an additional settings, and I have to save this settings with some insane name because of secure reason (I have to be sure that user don’t give his/her saved game name, which will be a 100% equals to my additional settings file’s name). But if I had the option to save my settings file with my own extension, this problem would be solved once and for all.
  2. It would also be a good idea to implement a function to get all saved files from HDD via extension, so we can manipulate with their data (getting any values we need).

Of course, we can solve this problems via C++, but then creating a BP project and using BP system looses any point. And without, at least, this functional, BP system looks like a bodybuilder in a wheelchair. Forgive me, but it’s true. Think about coders, not only designers, please.

Thank you!