Some questions

Would really appreciate some quick help on the following questions.

  1. I have a test static mesh of a terrain I have imported. I am looking to interact with it by using a series of the default game blueprints from the UE3 game consisting of the…vehicle game, 3rd person & first person shooter modes.
    I have managed to export the blue print of the 3rd person blue print into the Blueprint/blank level, but it does not seem to initialise it, and instead uses the default camera move that comes with the blank template when you press play. I am obviously missing something to tell the game to use the 3rd person blueprint. I could easily get around this by importing my 3D model into the 3rd person blue print instead (& deleting the stock content), but if its a simple tweak I would rather do it this way, so I can switch between all imported blue prints I import.

Which leads me onto my next question.

  1. Lets say I import a static mesh of a terrain, and I add some grass. Scale and Reposition it.
    How do I get that level AS IN, into a new scene?

I have done the migrate options, but all that does is export the assets into the content browser, I then have to do everything from scratch which is not a problem for now as its hardly anything, but surely there is a way to simply transfer this stuff between new map files without losing all the fine tuning?

If I had more time I would learn everything from scratch and I daresay I would pick this up naturally, but I’m having to cover a lot of things and I’m hoping for a quick fix on this one so I can get on with the testing, its only for Pre Visualisation purposes, so I’m looking for a quick fix on this on.

Thank you for any help.