Some questions of an Unreal-Switcher (from Unity)

Hi there, I’m switching for a lot of reasons to Unreal and some things are pretty new to me. So hopefully some people can give me some advice here:

  1. One cool feature of Unity is, that you can import directly for example a Blender file and Unity will send this to Blender in background and tells Blender how Unity is need the FBX and import the “self-created” FBX with all stuff like meshes, textures, materials, etc…

It seems that things like that are not possible in Unreal right now. As I’ve seen DataSmith is something that goes in this direction or did I understand DataSmith wrong?

And is there a way to send my object directly from Blender to Unreal with everything included (meshes, textures, materials, bones, etc…)?

  1. Is it really so hard to implement MultiPlayer in Unreal? I saw a lot threads here, where people (which comes from Unity) looking hard for help, because they feel lost with the MultiPlayer solution in Unreal. Or is this easier with the new Epic Online Services?

  2. Is it possible to build a desktop/console game and use the same project to build a mobile version?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Unreal has a “Live Link” system, it refreshes assets in real time. I don’t know if Blender supports live link though.

Multiplayer is hard in any engine. Unreal makes it super easy, still it’s going to be hard to develop a multiplayer game. If you are solo dev, don’t do it.

Yes, multiple platforms are supported. I prefere to create separate project versions for each platform thou.

LiveLink seems only to work with Autodesk stuff.

Multiplayer is really not that hard in Unity.

“Unreal makes it super easy” <<< with the new Epic Online Service or do you mean in general?

I think the most shocking for me was/is how many steps are needed for every 3D object I want to import (in this case from Blender). That’s why I’m looking for a much easier and faster way to do that.

BTW: I’m on a Mac. So if there’s a plug-in or something like that, it has to be Mac compatible.

If you’ve got a blender file with multiple meshes, materials etc you can export to fbx and import that in which isn’t that much different to pulling in a blender file.

And this works without any scale changes or something else in Blender before or any other problems? What about animations?

Because at this point it is twice the time of the time needed in Unity to import a Blender file (if I use your suggested way), because you’ve to export it manually before you can import it. This would be ok, if it would work without any other time consuming steps.

Not sure about animations but I’d imagine so. I just export to fbx and import with ‘convert scene unit’ to handle scale things.