Some questions about Unreal Engine 4


I’ve watched the videos of the Intro to the UE4 Editor playlist on Unreal Engine’s YouTube page as well as some other videos on their channel and have some questions about Unreal Engine:

In the content browser, is it possible to change the path of an existing folder? For example, if I move the folder StarterContent into another folder, would I still be able to use the assets inside the StarterContent folder?

How big is the building area in Unreal Engine? Can I create an open world into it, or is there a limited amount of space available?

How powerful is Unreal Engine? Would it be possible to create a game like GTA V?

If I want to create an open world game for example, I have to use another program like Cinema 4D or Blender to create the streets and houses etcetera for the world, and then import it into the content browser in Unreal Engine, where I can place the street and houses I created, and make them interactive, so you can walk into the houses and such?

I’m sorry if these questions have been asked before, but I searched on the forum and couldn’t find any of the questions.

-Your project content needs to remain in the project folder, but you can move content around where you need to.

-it’s 20km cubed, you can make an open world but if you need more space than that you’d need to use things like world composition

-possibly, but remember how much money/time/developers it took to make GTAV


  1. You can move content within the project folder, but not outside of it.
  2. 20km^3, things start to get messy beyond these bounds.
  3. This is definitely possible, look at a list of games made in UE4, there are quite a few big ones.
  4. You don’t have to make them in external software, but I highly recommend it.

Thanks for the quick replies and clear answers!

That’s a large building area. If I manage to make a game in Unreal Engine, I probably don’t need all the space. Also, I read that GTA V cost $265 million to make, so it would be impossible to create by yourself. I was just wondering if UE4 could handle a game like that :slight_smile:

I just had a look at the list of games made by Unreal Engine, it’s an impressive list!