some questions about rig

so i am kinda new to the 3d and i have question can anyone advice me to tutorial about character rigging including (facial rig) as well
and if maya was in the processed i would like it since i have some knowledge in maya
and please don’t say use google because i already searched but no one talk about the processed they would show their work with no tutorial or use an auto rig tool that rig only bone with no facial :frowning:
and if you mind can you either explain or show me tutorial of how setting player movement for Third Person
i would be very grateful for anyone to answer my question or give me a link to any useful tutorial that can fix my situation :slight_smile:

Autodesk released a comprehensive series on rigging in maya, check out their youtube:
Further: Epic has a basic tutorial for setting up player movent for a third person game:

You should learn to walk before you can run. Learn character rigging first without using a 1 click tool and then study facial rigs. Face rigging is not that easy and can become pretty frustrating if the model you are working with is not prepared for it.

thanks just one more question is it possible to make maya rig to unreal ?
if you can please give me the link to the tutorial