Some questions about importing from blender

Hi guys, i’m totally new to unreal engine, and the very first issue that I met is about importing meshes from Blender. I’ll use a simple model from BlenderSwap (“Cutting Knife and Board”, by MVG86) as example to better explain my problems.

  1. Dimensions: Before exporting the model from Blender, i’ve enabled the metric system and set the measures of the board as 40x30x2 cm (and scaled the knife as well), knowing that in UE4 1 unit is equal to 1 cm. Then i finally exported the mesh as an fbx file, opened the content browser in UE and imported the mesh. When I dragged the model on the viewport, it was REALLY small, as shown in the screen… why? Which mistake did I do? It happens every time i try to import a mesh from blender


  1. Materials: When I import the mesh in UE, I enable the options for importing the materials too, but this is what happen:

How Should be the material:


How it appears in UE4:


Why this happens? Have I to import the material “separately” from the model (so first import the model without material, and then import the material)? And so, how can I import a material created in Blender (Cycles Render)

It would be great if you could explain these things in a very simple way, i’m a real noobie… Or maybe suggest me some video (or written) tutorials. Thank you so much for the help!

  1. This video will explain you how to set the right scale: ?v=JR7CAHxGBcY
  2. Make sure that your texture is included in the file (that it gets displayed in the uv editor) + that you have enabled “import texture” in the import settings

You are not abel to import materials from blender, just textures are supported, because you create the shaders/materials in the ue4 :slight_smile: