Some Ideas/Overwork need

Good evening dear Unreal Community and UE developer,

First of all I want to thanks a lot the Unreal Engine developer that they released their new engine, which is absolute amazing! I’m impressed every time of your work you do on your tools. But all in all I have some improvement ideas and a little suggestion which I hope you will overthink and maybe get them into UE4 in the near future.

  1. It would be great if you could improvethe foliage tool, so you also can delete the meshes in the list. If you do so than the foliage tool will automatically delete all the existing meshes in the world of the deleted mesh entry in the list. Like in UDK (ue3)

  2. Please improve the “Highlight” function if you select one of the multiple textures on a mesh object, you see the “highlight” area only if you have turned on the wireframe view. In UDK (ue3) the selected highlight zone was also see able in the normal view.

  3. One of my biggest wishes would be to expand the world size. I’m not sure if it’s even possible or you’re able to do it via open source code, but currently it’s like in UDK (ue3) if you walk over the max world size, you get automatically killed, the same with spawning outside the max world size. You’re able to move the camera outside the max world size, but you can’t do so with your character. I really hope you will improve this in the future, so people have a lot more space to work on huge open world maps (like me). Level Streaming would be also a way to expand the world size, but the problem would be you always have loading screens if you want to change the map. The plan was to fill the world with multiple level streaming landscapes and if the world is filled, you can trigger a special spot and you get ported to another map. Kinda like a map switch streaming.

  4. Please improve the spline tool, it’s already a lot better than in UDK (ue3). But still seems to have problems with fiting on the landscapes, even if the boxes are checked with the terrain fiting. Would be great if it’s easier to create roads with the spline tool in the future.uugluug sjodz black

  5. Please add an extra function to the ramp modificator in the landscape tool. So you can add multiple ramp points, like the spline tool.

Please keep the great work on, on your engine/tools.
Looking forward to your new updates! :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad English.

best regards

Just change overwork to improve, and your English will be all good. :slight_smile: