Some features are necessary for reviewing complex blueprints

I find that the blueprint editor is not easy to use. It leaks some useful features for complex node network.

  1. Auto layout(not Alignment) selected nodes. Many people waste much time to rearrange the nodes.
  2. Length of connecting restrict. It will help to avoid spaghetti-like connecting.
  3. Global step backward/forward like most code editors. When there are many opening tabs, it is hard to go back after driving into a node in other class.

I think that when your blueprint code is at spaghetti level you should use C++ for most complicated functions.
Problem with blueprints is not that it creates spaghetti code (it can be avoided if you plan your code and use things like interfaces, blueprintable components, inheritance, dispatchers). Really this helps keep blueprints clean. However real problem with blueprints is that when some connection is broken it is pita to find that spot. Maintaining blueprints code gets ugly very fast. So at point where you spend more time maintaining it than coding i really suggest going C++. At least code in C++ for single function does not take 5 screens at 4k. My rule is when BP code is bigger than one screen i try to create some functions or do that part in c++.