Some Basic Questions ( Could be answered, hopefully not)

So long story short, I’ve moved from the hacking black-hat career to game-dev career.

I have 3 years experience in Java, 1 year experience in C++.

Rating my skills in Java, I’d say that I’m:

7/10 Java
6/10 C++.

Moving back to topic,

I would like to know what are my best options?

I have a game plan that is multiplayer and I have a friend that has 7 years experience in graphic designing which means the photo-realistic graphics part is kind of ready.

I have to put in some of my work into the game which means I’m in charge of how the game works.

The questions are:

  1. What’s better to learn to the maximum capacity of knowledge and in game usage? (Blueprints or C++)
  2. How would I actually get started on learning on the answer above?
  3. What kind of routine/schedule should I take to learn unreal in the fastest way possible?
  4. Why is your answer in 1) better than the opposing one that you have not chosen?

I’m also new to the community and hopefully will become one of the better by time.

Thanks for reading this and I will appreciate high quality answers.

  1. Both.
  2. Tutorials from Epic Games and training streams.
  3. Watch training streams and tutorials and follow allong, try making your own changes with the tutorial projects you make. And really best way to learn the engine is to just make a game.
  4. Because they work together

To add to what Mootjuh said - You will need C++ for any net code and any special functionality not exposed to Blueprint. However, I would use Blueprints to add simple functionality to the game (create interactive actors, triggers, etc).

A common technique used is to create your custom classes (or class extesions) in C++ and expose them to Blueprint. Then use Blueprints to actually build the functionality in your level. This gives you really rapid prototyping since you can make changes on the fly without having to recompile.

Hope this helps!

One piece of advice I’d like to give, is to take your time learning and try and enjoy the process. If you try and rush through it too much you end up not learning much and you get frustrated. At least that is what happens to me. If I pace myself I learn a lot more and I actually end up enjoying it.