Some basic questions about World Composition

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I’ve chosen Unreal 4 for my next game project and while i understand classic level changes with smaller levels perfectly i’m very interested in that World Composition feature.
However, after skimming and reading through the Unreal engine documents i still have some questions about it:

  1. If i understand this
    correctly then the persistent level is basically something like a “void” that, while we’re playing in and changing between “real levels”, always exists next to the actual playing levels and technically we can store data in it (however, using the game instane would be much better suited for it), correct?

  2. Games like Skyrim have a large open world, which has access points to smaller levels, like cities, houses or dungeons.
    If i understand that image
    correctly, which shows several island levels placed near eachother on that minimap, if i wanted to have cities, houses and dungeons to be seperate levels (cities would be visible from the main world level, but the actual playable city area with npcs should ne a separate level) i’d have to place the “inside house”/“inside city”/“inside dungeon” levels outside of/next to the main world map as seperate “levels” and when entering these other levels (say, a house) from the large world map i’d teleport or levelchange the player to the “house level” world composition map, correct?

  3. In the game i’ve planned a certain portion of the world should get changed by a major event, which essentially means replacing certain maps/world composition “tiles/levels” with others.
    How would that be done with world composition, is it possible to switch out certain world composition levels/tiles on the fly (say, with an “event_happened” boolean/event) or would i have to have to create a whole “before_event_world” world and a whole separate “after_event_world” world?

  4. How would level changes (say, from going from the main world map to a house level) in a world composition be done, via teleport (teleport to location “entrance of house level”, which streams in the level “house level”, and when exiting a house teleporting the player to “exit_of_house_in_world_map” location) or a classic level change event?

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  1. Persistent level is always loaded. Whatever you put in it, will be always loaded, in addition to your other world composition levels.

  2. You are absolutely right, these levels would have to be separate from your world map and can be loaded on demand. Alternatively, they can exist in the same world and you would just stream them in and out teleporting the player to the correct location but this way has its downsides as opposed to the classic way of loading a separate level. There is a tutorial about basics of loading and unloading levels here.

  3. I don’t have specific info how to implement it, but it seems quite doable.

  4. Tbh both ways are totally legit.

Alrighty, thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile: