[SOLVED] Updating project that uses engine plugin to 4.18 from 4.15

I’m using the TwitchPlay plugin in a project that I recently updated from 4.15 to 4.18. (No, there’s no 4.19 version). This is an ENGINE plugin - it doesn’t go in the project folder. When I try to use the 4.18 project, the plugin stops working (specifically, the “Connect” BP node gives an error message “Could not resolve hostname”). This does not happen in a “clean” 4.18 project, only my old one, so it’s not (necessarily…) a problem with the plugin itself.

(To clarify - the plugin has versions for UE version 4.15 and 4.18 among others. I had a 4.15 project using the 4.15 version. I recently updated that project to 4.18, and installed the 4.18 version of TwitchPlay onto UE4.18. A new 4.18 project can successfully use the plugin. So this is not caused by the plugin itself being outdated.)

I have already removed all existing references to the plugin’s BP nodes in my project, disabled the plugin, uninstalled the plugin from 4.18, packaged the project (successfully) to make sure everything that could be compiled was compiled, reinstalled the plugin, and made a new BP to test it. Still - “Could not resolve hostname”. What exactly else am I supposed to DO?! How do you get a plugin working again after upgrading a project to a new engine version?

[EDIT] Solved: I cloned the project and started deleting things I though could be the problem, but nothing worked until I deleted projectname/Config/DefaultEngine.ini (wtf lol).

(But then I went back into my main project and deleting that file alone didn’t fix it - so I also deleted Saved and Intermediate and DefaultEditor.ini and DefaultEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini, and it magically started working. This is also after I reinstalled the engine and re-downloaded my project from Bitbucket, effectively deleting everything in the .gitignore. So I don’t know what files exactly are responsible for the problem, but it seems DefaultEngine.ini was one of them. I know if anyone has this same problem it’s frustrating to go into a [SOLVED] thread and not see an exact answer, but this is all I’ve got lol).

If you can identify who exactly wrote the module, try to contact them via GitHub with a repro project in hand.

I can try to clone my project and repro the issue there, but it doesn’t seem like the author’s problem - the issue does not occur in a clean project.

Also I had the grand idea to go nuclear and reinstall the engine JUST as Epic’s database decided to go tits up so ¯_(ツ)_/¯