[SOLVED] Steam version simplification error

have this problem on steam version, just switched from local version to steam float license, and cant do a simplification of a model, i try it and it shows i have no enough memory for this operation, But i have 32GB of ram and used to do such operations before. And if i lower the size of final mesh according to recommendation i have from RC, it change a recommended size even lower, and this process continue so i cant decimate a mesh any way, even if i lower a final size till smallest number.

Hi Dmytro
No need to post multiple screenshots of the same issue, when there is no additional info…
Please fill out you signature with proper hw configuration of your PC: ucp.php?i=profile&mode=signature

How many triangles does the original model have? Have you also restarted RC before trying to SIMPLIFY ? No other „RAM-hungry“ software running in the background ??

Hi Wishgranter !
Sorry for multiple screenshots, the purpose was only to show RC change the recommended mesh size, after I change it for a level it said would be fine for my memory size. Raw mesh size is around 70 millions of polygons, and i used to simplify even bigger meshes(200-300 millions) on this system, and even if i define to reduce it to the size of 100 polygons, it does not want to do it anyway.

Just have found a strange phenomenon, in the projects i created on this pc i can simplify to 40 millions of polys, but with a projects copied from another pc, created in steam version of RC, it does not want to do it at all, till 10 polygons of mesh size ))). Any reason/solution ? The current pc have the same floating license installed i used to calculate this projects, now i transferred the resulting projects to my local pc and started the same steam RC version and have this problem.

Cleared the RC cash and it solved a problem. !!