[Solved] Sphere, not behaving like a sphere. How do I get mirror-like, friction-less deflection?

Zero gravity bat and ball game.

If the ball hits the wall at low angles (though not insanely low) the ball hugs the wall instead of bouncing back at the same angle. High angles but not 90 degrees, ball bounces side to side at the same spot. I have even tried to shape the floor and ceiling to have convex sides and offset them - but the ball still ends up bouncing up and down at the same spot.

What do I need to do to the wall mesh and/or the sphere mesh to have mirror-like, frictionless deflection?

I have added simple sphere collision and have made sure that it is just a teeny bit larger than mesh.

EDIT I have even made a Physics material with 0 friction and 1 restitution. I have applied this to the ball’s BP and the wall meshes




I added a projectile component to the ball’s BP. There are a bunch of settings in the projectile component. I also set a collision sphere as the root for that BP, with the ball mesh attached to it.

In the Project Settings you can add a new profile then edit it to ignore certain object types e.g. destructable meshes, meshes etc.

I remain a bit confused as to what element take precedence e.g. if I set the projectile to two planes but the mesh to all three, what happens?