[solved] RealityCapture asks to refresh again and again.

Hello! After starting the program proposed to update the demo to version After the upgrade I rebooted the system. When you start the program again jumped out a window prompting you to update… It happens again and again. I’ve already reinstalled the program, but the problem has not disappeared. Steve.


RealityCapture Demo RC (c) Capturing Reality s.r.o.
Using 8 CPU cores
Could not initialize SFM pipeline

Hi art.artex

so you have a DEMO version or PROMO version installed ?
so question is if need to get DEMO ( RC viewer ) to other PCs to open RC projects or have a PROMO version and updated it with
DEMO binaries ?

I have installed Demo version.

Hi art.artex

OK have reproduced the issue. Devs working on fix its possible it come out today with new build release…

Hi Wishgranter!

Thanks for the quick reply.


so new DEMO and full version is released

get it from https://www.capturingreality.com/My

Thank you very much! Files of the previous version open. It works.)