[SOLVED] RC Steam version crashes all the time !


I am in the middle of a project. I had to get the steam version after my promo license expired 2 days ago and i was not able to buy another license directly - payment failure no matter the method. I checked with my bank and all was OK (long time user here, i brought RC promo version multiple times with no issues). So again, i HAD to get the steam version as the only rapid option to meet the deadlines. After 2 day of work i am really frustrated. Every now and then - between 2 and 30 min- no matter if you calculate alignment, unwrap, filer or any other task, the “acquiring steam license” screen appears. Now is the fifth time that RC crashes suddenly and promptly restarts to the attached screen.
Steam app is alive and well all this time.

After one or two “acquiring steam license” if RC didn’t already crashed, no mater what RC is calculating i usually get stuff like:

RC in it’s infancy was 10 times more stable.

I need an advice because i have to get this project done asap and i cannot see a solution.



Hello Flavius,

please excuse our late response.

Can you please share what kind of OS do you use and what version of Internet Explorer? 

Regarding the texturing problem, did you use Unwrap before texturing? If so, what settings did you use? Did error can occur when you are using unwrap style ‘Maximum textures count’ and you set textures count to a small number and RC cannot fit the texture into that number for a large model. Can you please try to raise the textures count or use different unwrap style, e.g. Fixed texel size and try to texture again?

Hello Zuzana and thank you for your answer,

I’m using up-to-date Windows10. i tried to make the payment from Firefox (latest), edge and ie. In the meantime i asked my bank and found that they have in the system some “invalid transaction” from Fastspring. My bank said that on their side everything is OK and it’s an issue from the merchant bank. I will try again in a couple of weeks maybe it was a temporary glitch.

The texturing problem is gone. Mea culpa! Thanks for the tip, i was having ‘Maximum textures count’  set to 10. I put 30 and voila!

Still had some crashes (less often) after the licensing screen that annoyingly pops up every 20min or so. I’m now more rigorous in my saving habit - problem solved.

Best regards,