[Solved] Mesh warping caused by bad weight paint


I am new to this whole process. I setup a humanoid rig for the skeleton mesh on my character so i can play animations from the UE4 skeleton library. Using the same name structure for bones so it auto fills on the rig. If i select the skeleton upon import directly it just completely messes up the mesh when i test a animation. I have included photos to help describe my issue. when the mesh is static every thing looks good. but when i put a animation on it. in this case, the walking animation. i have parts of the mesh that stay stationary and it looks warped. I have weight painted the mesh in blender. i don’t know if it is a result of me doing a bad job at it or what. any help with this is greatly appreciated. i am not sure where to look for answers on how to resolve this.


I figured it out. I messed up on the weight painting… i understand not every post can be addressed, it’s unfortunate that this forum is not more active. one of the reasons i avoid them. anyway hope this helps people in the future.

Might be a little derpy. but i finally got my first animated character in game.